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Waiting for Canada Day fireworks


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Bojan -


Unfortunate weather for the fireworks, but very fortunate for you, and you took maximun advantage of it. this image is superb in every way.


BTW: We had some Fuersts in our family tree. The last to die was an uncle Joe, a musician who had a band for decades at the Village Barn in NYC, and then played at the Lampost Corner, a bar at the New Yorker Hotel for another two decades. He told me that if he didn't have to work for a living he'd play piano all day. Perfect match of man and career, and a marvelous musician.

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Thank you Stuart and Martin. Indeed, very unfortunate weather for fireworks, but all too common in this town. This is one of the foggiest cities in Canada. I believe we have the most fog days after St. John's, Newfoundland. It does have its charms...



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