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Macro work on a APO Elmarit-R 100/2.8 ROM: Elpro 1:1 or Macro Adapter R 14299?


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Greetings to all...

yes, I have eventually got got hold of a R9... and I am about to get what it is, from the many reviews and comments I read, the lens that is considered to be one of the best all purpose (but especially macro) lenses available for the R system, the APO Elmarit-R 100/2.8 ROM.

Now, I am deciding between which attachment/extension to go for 1.1 macro work.

Should I go for the Macro Adapter R 14299 or for the Elpro 1:2-1-1?

And what would be the main pros/differences between the two?

Many thanks in advance for your invaluable advice!

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Absolutely go for the ELPRO designed for that specific lens. One you see the gorgeous rendition of transitions in color and tone in the 1:1 reproductions, you'll be hooked. Shoot slide film with it (don't use saturated films) and have a slideshow party.

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Dritz, thanks for your reply.

The thing is I have found a Macro Adapter R 14299 to go with the lens, about £195 brand new (list here in the UK is £495), and I am tempted to go for it, considering also the difference in price (and availability) with the Elpro 1:2/1-1, well more expensive.

Could you/anybody tell me the real term differences between using that and the Elpro?



PS One day (one day but who knows when...) I will also get a DMR...

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Having just sold my R9/DMR to a member of this forum, I am about to post an offering of my R glass in buy and sell. Among the items to be sold is the APO Elmarit 100/2.8 (3-cam) with the Elpro. In my experience, the lack ROM is no hindrance for this setup. If someone here is interested, PM or email me.






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The reason for using the elpro and not the macro adapter is that the rear two elements of the apo macro elmarit are fixed and do not move when the lens is focused. They are intended to be precisely the distance they are from the film plane. They are there, I believe. to improve the close-up performance of the lens. If you use the macro adapter, the rear elements are moved further away from the film plane, and the image quality is not as good. Using the elpro leaves them where they were intended to be.


I'm not sure you'd have to pay more for a used elpro than for a macro adapter. I've seen the elpro around for between 99 and 199 pounds (and you can pay more, of course).


The alternative to the elpro might be the 2x apo-extender, which gives you a 200 mm f 5.6 lens and 1:1 reproduction ratio, but you would then get a dimmer image in the viewfinder. And also the extender is more expensive.


One small drawback of the elpro might be that it shortens the effective focal length of the length of the lens, so you do not get the relatively long camera-to-object distances at 1:1 that you would get with an actual 100mm focal length lens. I think it becomes more like a 70mm lens. And then it sounds not too different from the 60 mm macro elmarit. This may or may not matter.


Rgds, John

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Remember also that the macro adapter is just an extension tube. As such, it reduces the effective aperture of the lens.


That is, by putting the lens further from the film, you make the light travel further; and that means (inverse-square law) that less light gets to the same surface.


With the Elpro, you maintain both the lens's speed and optical correction.


Using the Macro-Adapter-R with the 100 APO would be like putting retreads on a Ferrari.

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