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Orangutan youths (5 images)


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Orang Utan translates as Man of the Forest. These intelligent creatures are the world’s largest arboreal primate, and are greatly threatened by loss of habitat. Malaysian Borneo’s largest industry had been logging, but is now palm oil plantations, which fit in nicely with clearing the land of first growth forests and the creatures that lived there. Tourism now follows palm oil production in the Malay economy. It was discovering this about the orangs that started Barbara on a desire to visit before they disappeared from the wild, which initiated her research. Many of our journeys are birthed that way. Her research revealed that we needed to do other things as well (also a common thread in planning our journeys – It was seeing a picture of the Great Wall of China in 1994 that started Barbara researching China before our first visit in 1995 which covered far more ground than just The Wall).


Barbara discovered that there were two orang rehabilitation centers that took orphaned oranges and prepared them for release into the remaining rainforests. She decided to include these places on our tour since seeing orang in the wild is fairly rare. However, our superb guide found seven wild ones for us, including the baby shown on the Photo Galleries “Collections” page of our site. In this thread we see some youngsters in the Rasa Ria rehabilitation forest near Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. You can see plenty more on our site.

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hello stuart


hmmmmm. not just good photos, each worth the proverbial 1000+ words, but the research and story behind them. photojournalism with empathy and passion, as it should be. more please.


greetings from hamburg



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