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any there any Leica M lenses that use the Sonnar lens design?


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i really like the images i have seen from some lenses that use the Sonnar design. the center of the image seems extremely sharp, as you move out from center the sharpness seems to melt away. the out of focus areas are just so smooth, they make the center of the image really pop out. a nice change from corner to corner sharpness in some modern designs.


i know Canon and Zeiss have some lenses that have used this design, so i'm curious if somewhere in Leica's history they used it also.




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I had a quick look at Leica lenses last night. I would say that the closest that Leica has ever come to a Sonnar design would be the discontinued but excellent Tele-Elmar-M 135mm f/4 (very close to the old Sonnar 250mm f/5.6). The current Elmarit-M 90mm f/2.8 and the previous (non-asph) Summicron-M 90mm f/2 (1980 version) are also close.


I would go for the Tele-Elmar-M 135mm. And if you get it in the original version, it is possible to unscrew the front optical cell and use it on either a Visoflex or a Leica-R camera (with the appropriate adapters).



John F.

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The much maligned Summarit 1.5 and first version `lux ( 1959-1962 a short lived lens ) will do as you ask. Good luck fiinding a nice sample.


Zeiss has reintroduced the 50 1.4 Sonar in Leica style ZM mount. It will be a little sharper than the above suggestions. Someone posted a sample at 2.0 one the net last few days and it was very nice as I would expect from Zeiss. I would link you, but don`t remember where I saw it.

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thanks to all for the information. that new Zeiss lens does look interesting, the sample images i have seen online are great.


i tried out a Rigid Summicron which also had a nice lens signature that seemed Sonnar-ish. this lens was also very sharp on center and the out of focus areas were nice and smooth. the Rigid Summicron has lower contrast than modern designs, but in the right light( and when not flaring) the colors were very nice (with Provia 100).


anyway, since i wanted a quick Sonnar fix, i took a $29.00 (including shipping!) chance on ebay. i bought one of the old 1960s Jupiter-8 50mm screw mount lenses. this lens is a copy of the older Zeiss Sonnar design.



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