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vic vic

identity crisis ... or even worse ?!

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Our lives will be somewhat longer than that of digital Leicas hopefully.


I was kind of hoping mine would outlive me like my M6 surely will.

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I don't I follow this post. It doesn't appear to be written in English.

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I don't mean to be rude, it's just that I find text speak and unorthodox spelling and grammar hard to follow. A marketing campaign written in that style -- who would that appeal to?

But definitely some valid points here. Promoting the strengths of Leica M to a new audience takes skill.

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So instead of telling Leica what to do we could tell each other why, maybe it will help with their campaign.


For me pros:

skill and simplicity


being different

you only live once so - go for it if you care about photography

the first digital M (I got an M8)



Hey! Look at that guy who spent too much money.

People asking me how much it cost (usually I say expensive and leave it at that, after all we are spending 5- 10 months average empolyee's salary on a hobby.)

I somehow still don't feel comfortable wearing 10K euro plus gear under all circumstances -(reality check the average crook would go for my purse, notebook or mobile phone).


Unsollicited remarks:

never heard of Leica what make lens does it have?

that camera looks old!

shouldn't you be using a flash?

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Far better to have a campaign oriented around simplicity.


I think that this statement hits the nail on the head.


In the digital world, the one thing that separates a digital M from every other camera out there, is its sheer simplicity: the purity of the process.


Three LEDs. Four-point-process to shooting: Focus, Shutter-speed, aperture, click.


In an era when even a simple SLR comes with 50 programs, and 15 metering options, the lack of bells-and-whistles on a digital M is the real selling point. It is about getting back to basics.


When coupled with some of the most wonderful glass ever produced (and 60 years of it at that), the campaign should centre upon the unique ability of the digital M to capture the photo YOU create, not the camera's electronics.


"An analog process for the digital age."


THAT'S what a digital M, and its advertisments should be about...


PS: Just wanted to say that I'm a [relatively] young photographer too at 29, raised on a diet of film and then digital SLRs. The Leica Ms came as an epiphany to me - for exactly the reasons stated above.

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