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A lovely Canon Rangefinder P

Nick De Marco

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Although Bill, as a Canon P virgin I did not realise that a black body is extremely rare and expensive (just read only a few hundred were made, compared to 47,000 odd Ps altogether). I picked up the body from MW Classic at a good price because I thought the black looked cool. I have no idea how to tell if it is original black (I assume) or painted, but if original I may have got myself a bargain gem..

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I have my father and Canon to thank for getting me started (albeit late) with rangefinders.

I had a number of SLRs and considered the rangefinder to be nothing more than an obsolescent type of camera. My father, who was going blind, gave me his old Canon QL19. I used it and was re-born to the truth! I got great pictures and thereafter lusted for a Leica. I've never looked back.


Robert Morrison, M4-P,etc.

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