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DMR LCD problem


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The LCD on my DMR is not operating. When the camera is switched on it just diapys a white image. No amount of button pushing, switching on and off, battery recharging seems to make any difference.


I think it needs a trip to Solms. Has anyone any thoughts , or experienced anything similar?

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Did you try a different SD card or try it without a card in it? You coud also try taing the DMR off the camera and cleaning all the contacts on both the camera and the DMR.


I have never heard of this problem before, so it may just be a failure that needs a trip to Leica service.



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Reminds me of the emphasis put on the film/digitial duality by Leica and I wonder how many people really switched between the two on a regular basis.


Well, in my case since I have another R8 with a film back, there is no need but the advantage is IF something goes wrong I can always switch to the film back and continue working. But certainly as suggested by Steve, I have no desire to switch back and forth on a regular basis.



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