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15mm CV Heliar and UV Filter (a proposed solution)


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I thought I should share with you what I figured out today.


I love my Voigtländer 15/4.5 Aspherical Super-Wide Heliar, but occasionally I had a bit of problems with UV light (black becomes purple etc.). Before I bought the lens, someone (sorry, can't remember who it was) gave me a hint about how to attach a 39mm UV filter even though there is not srew mount for it on the CV lens.


So today I gave this a try, and it worked out very well:

I cut a stripe off of the foam that's inside of my the B+W filter case, molded this stripe carefully into the edge of the opening right around the lens, and fit my 39mm Leica UV filter into the opening. This way the few millimeters of space around the filter is filled with the foam, and it holds on pretty tightly.


Of course... do it at your own risk. Avoid touching the lens at all costs, and even if it feels like a tight fit, still handle the camera with care.


Here are some pictures that illustrate my experiment (sorry for the bad image quality):

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I just bought one of these and used double-sided sticky tape to hold it in. I cut off a short piece of tape, folded it in half it along it's length and then folded the remaining piece in half to shorten it's length. I then did the same with another piece and stuck them on opposite sides of the lens. This held it in really well.


I haven't used it much yet but here is a snap I took with it, it's coded as a Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm f/4 ASPH (set to 21). I notice that there seems to be some megenta in the black jumper but that might just be because it isn't particularly sharp.



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Lilly, these dark spots in your photo, are dust particles on sensor?


Yes, his sensor (or rear lens element) needs a good clean.


As for the image, just goes to show the windows of the pods of the London Eye are hardly optical glass standard are they?

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Jay-sus - what a data dump! Keep the uploads to 900 pixels wide or so! 200K file size!


I used a couple of layers of black "photographic" masking tape. Easy to pry the filter out manually if needed, but never a sign of it coming loose on its own.


Do love that 15mm!

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How about a Milich filter adapter? You get a proper hood, and a proper thread to securely hold the filter. Not a DIY solution, I know, and at 150$ it's not cheap, but it's beautiful and a more permanent, safer solution IMHO (think about the cost of having to replace a broken Leica filter...)

Just my 2c.

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