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How do you accessorize your M8 (or at all)?

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Materials all found at REI (Outdoor specialist in the USA):

(1) 60cm Climbing Sling

(1) sacrificial keychain for the Ring


Nice! I was at joann fabrics the other day (not cool:cool:) looking for some stuff similar to this, but i didn't trust anything i found there (or me putting it together). the climbing sling and keychain ring looks just right. one question the ring does not scratch the m8 where the eyelit is does it?

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I only have a Luigi leather case, a YStrap +Hook and a Sling grip from Leicagoodies (I only use the camera with the YStrap and when I shoot i detach the camera and keep it in my right hand with the Sling grip.)

That's all.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

My M8's are naked and will stay that way!



Tina Manley- powered by SmugMug


Mine as is born and delivered at birth right out of the box with standard strap.



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