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Phil Hill-Leica user- for A. Brookes and W. Lamb an


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Anthony and William

Thanks so much for the posts and lively memories. Since you brought Phil Hill up, I thought you would appreciate hearing about my chats with him. I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on two occasions. The first was at a restaurant he frequents here in Southern California called Il Fornaio, where there is a dedicated Phil HIll room. Although he was out to dinner with friends, he was incredibly gracious, and told me about his wife's friendship with Eva Gurney. The second was at a gathering at the Peterson Automotive Museum. It was at the latter that he told me about his days as a photojournalist for Road & Track. His camera of choice was a Leica M3 which was stolen. He has, by the way, issued a series of prints of photos that he took. I purchased the one he took just before the start of the 1961 race (which he won). You cannot find a humbler and more engaging fellow.

As I ramble on, I should mention that at the Peterson gathering, I met and chatted with Bernard Cahier, a great racing photographer and Leica exponent in his day.


John W

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Not surprised by your story. You might enjoy reading this about last weekend. Goodwood Estate Company Ltd Online - Motor Circuit Revival Meeting ' LIVE' It was posted on the MSCC listserv I moderate.


Forgot to mention that I used to see him occasionally at the restaurant owned by Maurice and René Dreyfus, "Le Chanteclair" in NYC while I still lived there in the 70's. Many racing greats used to drop in there for a good meal and relaxed conversation. It was Briggs Cunningham who introduced me to Renee. It was really amusing, but none of the tourists had the faintest idea who these people were...:)

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