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Would you give Leica a free hand in M9 design?

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M Lenses have to work for it to be an M, but the body well that is a Leica decision. But I do like the classic shape. David

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Statement from Leica Camera AG - 26/02/08: "It is true that it is the desire of Leica to consider full frame within the M system. However, the final decision regarding the appropriate camera body configuration has yet to be made."


So will we give Leica a free hand in designing a future digital M camera body?


The obstacles to using non-retrofocus lenses with full-frame sensors are widely discussed. It's a constraint of physics/ geometry. It could be solved by microlenses or in-camera software but no doubt with consequences that we cannot yet judge.


However, would consumers give Leica the freedom to totally redesign the camera body to accommodate any technological solutions?


What if it was the weight and size of an M but didn't look like one?


What if Leica listened to us and gave us a digital rangefinder which did everything people ask for in these threads? Would we give Leica the freedom to come up with a totally new and refreshing design?


As to the lenses, what if Leica needs to design new lenses to deliver a high level of performance with a full-frame sensor?


What if Leica had to abandon backwards compatibility and design for the future. Would we welcome that brave step into the future or would they be criticized from every Internet pulpit?


What if Leica gave priority to the values of rangefinder design – the rangefinder viewing and focusing system, lack of a mirror, quiet shutter, relatively compact size – over and above historical design and abandoned everything that stood in the way of achieving the best possible rangefinder for the 21st century?





Who caras about the what ifs. If Leica is about the perfect solution to take small format images who cares about the design, it will be perfect.

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Guest Olof

No ! And everybody who wants something other, please buy another cam !

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Hear hear! And the cumulative evidence is that we're eventually going to get one!


Can you imagine how many new photographers this would bring into the Leica sphere! So many times reading different photo-forums you see people bemoaning the fact that they can't afford to buy into the system - and we forget how privileged we are in being a part of this 'exclusive club'.


I agree with this statement 100%! I work in a professional/independent camera store in the USA and we are Leica dealers. When we had a Leica day demo in our store, many people came in to look at the M8 and drooled over it wishing they could afford it. A small number of people purchased the M8, but most of the people we spoke to said if Leica came out with a more reasonably priced digital rangefinder (digital CL or something similar) they would buy one immediately! I too am in the latter category, as well as my wife. I bought a Nikon D40 and I'm happy with it for the time being, and my wife bought a D-Lux 3 and she's happy for now as well. We are both really hoping the Leica will deliver some kind of Digital CL during Photokina 2008. I really think that this would bring a lot of new customers into the "Leica sphere" as Plasticman put it, rather than just selling to their existing customer base with the M8. If they don't do this I would at the very least love to see a digital CM. The D-Lux 3 is a nice little camera, but it's just not in the same category as the CM.

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