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The M8 puzzle game


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Trés cool!


Pas des compensation - je m'excuse - no exposure compensation on top (maybe the back control wheel handles this in shooting mode, á la Sony R1?) - motor control around the shutter release (got that one right!) - M6ttl/M7-type shutter dial (no real surprise, only that big dial could cram in the extra shutter speeds) - turns in the M7 direction. First self-timer in an M since the M4.


One comment seems to indicate an LCD exposure counter on the top LEFT side (still not revealed).


Someone is sure to question these pictures (as with all such) - but we're so close to the real revelation now that I don't think anyone would bother compromising their credibility with fakes that would be so quickly put to the lie. Especially since we're getting into some of the nitty-gritty details.


Posters get to vote on which segment is revealed next.


Quel fun!


(Oh - one other thing I notice. The top plate is definitely 'fatter' front to back (by about the predicted 3mm) than my M4-2, not counting stick-out bits like the LCD and control wheel. The imaging plane will be just a couple of mm behind the shutter dial, leaving about 5mm for electronics. So almost as thick as a Digilux 2 (but with rounded ends).

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I used to use the self timer a lot with the M4s to help get a steady shot at slow shutter speeds. Of course that was when films were slow too.......Still, it is nice to see it on the M8.


Has anyone compared that Summilux with their lenses to see if it is a new lens or not?

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

So the striptease continues... nice marketing move on Leica's part. They're not dumb. We have seven more cards to turn over. Oh yes, seven days from now brings us to the eve of the rumored officials news release....


Hey, what's the grey button on the left side? Is that an image counter? JB

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So, do we think this is a genuine photo or another photoshop mock up?

The images look believable but I'm not sure about the markings around the shutter release - the self timer logo in particular.... and the circular LCD frame counter.


Not long to wait anyhows. I just wonder what people are going to do with their time once it's all over!

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Shot counter according to the Puzzle site but nothing more precise.


Would that be what is called a "meter of sight LCD" in this amusingly translated version - http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lightmediation.com%2Fblog%2Findex.php%3F2006%2F09%2F06%2F25-leica-m8-digital-numerique-exclusif&langpair=fr%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools


On the other hand, I wonder could it be a white balance thingy?

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Holy cats!


The silver circular thing on the top left is a frame counter, plain and simple. Exactly the same shape as the frame counter on any previous M (except a little bigger to accomodate 3-digit numbers in LCD lettering). It will count down the remaining shots (space) left on the SD card - the critical number in digital photography.


Since it is electronic, and has no need to be mechanically connected to a winding mechanism, as in film Ms, I guess the Porsche stylists moved it to the left side for visual 'balance'. The top plate would look a little unbalanced if all the controls were crammed onto the right side.


This (below) was MY prediction - guess I get half-score for getting the concept and "look" right, even if I misguessed the positioning....

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ComaP: I won't clutter up Christophe's thread with more pictures (search "Industrial Design" on this forum to see my prediction pictures from a month ago):


But in my case I replaced the rewind knob/crank with a knob comparable to the "setting" dial on the DMR back, with detents for ISO, white balance, moiré filter, etc.. Set the dial to "ISO", press the "set" button, and then twirl the control dial on the back while watching a silver LCD strip just below the color LCD.


Looks to me as though Leica has added a "set" button on the back in the stack beside the LCD, so the operation will likely be similar: press and hold "set", twirl the thumbwheel to ISO, press set again, twirl to pick the ISO, press set a 3rd time to lock in the change - but that's just a guess.


I like my EV adjustment too 8^)


But I suspect Leica has done something at least as elegant and easy to access - made the thumbwheel the EV control in shooting mode. Thumb it up or down and the adjustment will be shown through the viewfinder.


If past practice with the DMR and Digilux 2 is any guide, Leica will have a .pdf of the User's Manual posted for download on their web site the same day the official info is released (Sept. 15) - and for a lot of operational details like this we'll need to see that manual. External photos won't tell us a lot.

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Andy, of course I remember your design. Thing is I'm dreaming of an M8-style camera with 3 primary manual controls: aperture, speed and sensitivity (ISO). Even the EV adjustment is secondary to me since in most cases I end up forcing a specific aperture+speed setting as opposed to fiddling with EV adjustments. I personally wouldn't mind if EV adjustment was a mere menu-based setting. I don't care about the available memory indicator either: with digital my experience is that you can always delay 2-3 frames and get that extra shot. But a manual camera with aperture ring, speed wheel and ISO wheel, that would be the Holy Grail. The logical dominant design for the digital era. I remember that this idea was mentioned here a few times already. Of course, it's a bit late now: I should have told Solms earlier J. Maybe that'll come with my full-frame M9!?

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I guess we are all thinking that these pictures are real. OK.


From the top view that is available today, it appeas that the back has, from left to right, viewfinder eyepiece, display screen, and thumbwheel-selector group. When we see either picture #3 or picture #5, we may find a hardware method for setting iso speed. Let's hope so.


I, too, want this in hardware and not in software. I could certainly live with a dial coupled with a readout in the rangefinder window, tho.



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