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Camera Names?


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Well, I'll admit to my Wife having named a few of my photographic purchases over the year, but this is a Family Forum.


She hasn't said too much lately though. I'm too scared to ask her if she's just resigned to my hobby.


On the other hand, she likes all pics of the Grand Kids. But still hates chrome slides.


Can't have everything.



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At one point when I was up to 4 bodies, I was considering naming them just to keep track of them: "Canadian Girl" for my original M4-2, "Helga" and "Heidi" for the Germanic M6ttls, but I never got around to picking a name for the Hexar RF. Traded it and the Solms twins for some lenses and an M6 classic, and didn't need the names anymore.

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My M7 was christened Durandel after I finally read The Song of Roland, a famous epic poem written in the eleventh century by an unknown author and widely read ever since.


According to tradition, Roland was the nephew of Charlemagne and possessed the sword Durandel and the horn Oliphant.


I'm currently searching for a proper name for my soon-to-be purchased M8. Something Byzantine perhaps... Any ideas?



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Hopefully I am not the only one here that give names :


Digilux 2 : "Xiao Lai", literaly my little Leica....

PC laptop : "Xiao Hei" , blacky, because of it's color.

SB-28 : "Xiao N", because it's a N*kon speed light.

wriste watch : "Su Du Wang", for a R brand speedking.

Coriander on my belcony : "Xiao Yen" and "Xiao Sui", they were planted the same day.

and on and on...




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Hey Guys - LOL :) :)


I havent named my R9 as I havent fallen in love with it. It is a steady well built work horse, so maybe "Collette"? I do name my cars, but am running out of "B" names so maybe I should get a car make beginning with "R" or "F" - but never a "P". The Jag of course is called Julliete and the previous one was "Jackie". Bicycle of course is Saraswati.



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Meet Lucía who has a twin sister in Spain. My previous MP was named Meredith by the real woman in my life.




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@Wilfredo "There she was surrounded by her pictures" was the phrase in your thread Lucia which got me thinking in the first place about names - and now I understand your title :)


@Hsin - I stand amazed at your naming the coriander plants - mine tend to die very quickly.

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