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Where are the images from the upcoming m8?


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Presumably they are subject to non-disclosure terms, as the camera is. You are not going to admit to having taken such and such a picture on an M8, unless you want unwelcome night-time intruders! Also you would kiss goodbye to any future trust on the part of Leica.

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Okay, I'm wondering with all of the hype about the Leica M8 why there aren't any images from the camera itself? We get the L1 pictures all over but somehow the lack of M8 in-camera pics makes me rather restless to check up high ISO performance.


This isn't Canon or Nikon who "accidently" leak photos.


Leica will have carefully guarded these images.

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cool, what is special about the 15th by the way? I presume that is leica day?


While I don't think it has been officially announced that this is the day we all see public images of the M8, and hopefully sample images as well, it seems that all the reliable sources say this is the day when the veil of secrecy will be lifted.

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You will never regret your purchase of Leica ever, seriously. I believe that Cannon has been one of the most overmarketed hype with its pretty Sharpova and plastic lens elements :)...


The images are magical. I get no magic from the N and C bunches :)


M8 would be nice but one day the jackpot for me!



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Guest guy_mancuso

I agree had every Canon DSLR and the Nikon D200, Nothing brings home the bacon like the DMR and i will go right out and say it ahead of time the M8. There is no freaking way this would be less than the DMR and i already heard better in area's that we all are concerned about. The only thing i may move to is a MF and right now i don't like any of the bodies for it. So i will see what Photokinia brings but i will always have some sort of Leica until they close the box.

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I wish there was some discounts on leica gear. It's painful to buy this stuff but man do i love the images:D


I have a plan - I am buying weekly lotto tickets fully expecting to win enough to purchase an M8 and a handful of lenses. This is also part of my retirement plan.


Whether intended or not, Leica must be loving the frenzy and anticipation out here among Leicaphiles.



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