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A Leica half-frame curiosity


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http://www.geocities.jp/dental2l/memo/memo.html in Japanese only sadly.


Scroll down to below the Olympus Pens. Anyone familiar with this experimental "Leicaflex 18x24" (strangely named as its based on an M body)?


There is a picture of a "Leica Box" half-frame camera in Lager Vol. 1, but this is one I've not heard of before.

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I don't question that Leica may have produced some half-frame cameras, but the M4-2 is not one of them.


I owned the M4-P; I think the M4-2 was the model that just preceeded the "P". The M4-P had the 75mm frame line added to the 50mm frame, which many people didn't like but, of course, was essential if one were to use the 75mm Summilux. This beast of a lens was introduced about the same time.


Can anyone shed more light here?



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That is really interesting! Never seen or heard before, even not at Solms. Looks like a fixed half-transparent mirror construction. They spent it even a new bayonett!


But may be they were right with their analysis of the diminishing market for half frame. Even the Yashica Mirai-attempts in the late 80ies were not succesful.


Thank you for showing us!


BTW: Hendrik Hösel, what do you know about this camera?

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Holy smitters! A new Leica camera that Lager doesn't even list.


Which lenses exist for this Leica Pen F camera seriously? I think that Olympus may have been getting cues about the L1 from this ... wow.


Then again the Pen was always a cult camera. Bye, Cannon buzzards!

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