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D2 Problem


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Strangely, I wanted to transfer pics from my Digilux 2 in my G5 this morning.

The screen of the D2 reads : Mass Storage USB - Direct Print.

I certainly did not select this.


I plug the D2 on my Powerbook : the camera appears on the desktop as "No Name",

as usual, and transfer can be done.


More funny : yesterday night, I transferred 19 pics from the D2 on the G5 without a


What's happened ?

Any guess ?





Just restart the Mac and it's solved…

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Pretty much rule #1 in the computer world is to do a restart as the first action when things get weird. And any high end user can tell you weird is anything but uncommon!


Following, trashing preferences and plists (and repairing permissions) and again restarting is a useful second step if the restart alone does not produce the desired results. KL

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A separate card reader is cheap, makes life a lot easier and can be as small as this one from SanDisk. This is the one that goes with me where ever I am bringing my D2. Takes less room than the USB cable that came with the camera.....




The white plastic cap on the left is really a cover for the USP connector, making it even smaller than what is shown. And, no, I'm not afiliated with the manifacturer in any way, I just like this product.


- Carl

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