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Does Zip-loc bags work good as a dry bag for camera?


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Well for an emergency, you would really need a minimum of three zip loc bags, one inside each other....all brand-new with no holes. Even then, it would only give you about 2-3 seconds of security, maybe 5 secs as a minimum.


Why not test it first......without the D-Lux2,.... maybe you have an old Canon or Nikon slr......you could test it with.....!!!!!


I have one of the old Nikon SLR waterproof lunch boxes, with O-ring and spring loaded clamps that I put my D2 into when I travel over water.

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Dry bags, from your camping, sports, or kyaking store.The advantage they can be slung over your shoulder and will keep wallet, valuables, and your banana and lamington for lunch and your effen R9 dry. Float too. Failing the shops, ebay has truck loads. I nearly said shit loads but that would upset people.

The plastic container, this one is 'Sistema' from New Zealand with a gasket seal and three clamps come in loads of sizes and shapes and are strong enough to protect your gear in your pack on those occasions when someone has to wedge and kick your pack to make it fit under the truck seat. You will get them from the supermarket. I just stood on this one, side on and used it like a roller skate just to be certain I wasnt bull shitting you. No I didnt take the lens out. I mean it survived in my pack didn't it.


Plastic bags, you are a card aren't you ... :D

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A ziploc baggie is good only to protect from a little splashing, not a dunking. A drybag is suitable protection, if closed properly, although most manufacturers don't claim they are 100% waterproof. They're good for short immersions. If you don't want to pay for a true watertight case like Pelican, you can put the camera inside the ziploc baggie and that inside the drybag. You can also place some cotton fabric in the bottom of the bag, like an old t-shirt, to soak up any possible water that gets in so it doesn't splash around on your gear.

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