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Hypothetically speaking........

Guest Metroman

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Practically, Metroman,


it works!


Just look which frame is shown in the viewfinder. I have got a custom built one by Leitz, which shows the 40 and the 90mm frame instead of the 40 and 50mm of the normal series. For composing with an MP consider that the exposed field on the film is quite exactly betweeen the 35 and the 50mm frame.





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Guest Metroman

Friedhelm, James many thanks for your help.


LCT thanks interesting mod but I am not allowed tools and sharp objects! Wife says it ends up costing more and we then have to get a professional in to sort out my inept use of tools :D

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Guest Metroman
I did it with this personally...






272064513.jpg Ahhhhhhhh....sharp, pointy things





Metroman, have you got the new DVD of Betjeman's Metroland?


Trevor yes!!!


I and a group of other 'MetroLand' fans have been banging on at the Beeb to release it since around 1998. The Beeb's answer was it would not be viable as they couldn't justify the cost of production versus actual sales.


Guess what, they bring it out for the commemoration and have them on 'back order' as the demand has outstripped supply apparently!


At least it has spurred me on to get the site back together at last.....

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