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Is this normal with rangefinder?


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I noticed next when focusing with RF and 35mm lens. Focusig is OK up to let say about 30 meters. At distances longer than that images do not intersect correctly. It still have double images even if lens focusing mark is on infinite position (end of focusing range). In my case I tried with building about 80 to 100 meters away. But, it seems that is not case when camera it directly pointed to object. If camera is at some angle regarding focusing object double image is shown. Then again it seems that when I move my eye a little looking through viewfinder there is no double image, that is focusing is accurate. And I noticed if I put camera away, and try to do the same focusing again, it focus precisely on that distance object. Those things never appeared at focusing distances shorter than about 30 meters, only on longer distances. And it seems only on horizontal camera position, not on vertical.


Is that normal, that is do I have wrong eye position looking through viewfinder or camera is not OK.


And regarding this, what I need to check and how, to make definite decision if camera is OK.


I have camera for few days, and because of my work I couldn't yet shoot film and develop it to check...


Thank you.

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If you have more than one lens, put another lens on the camera to see if the problem persists. If not, the cam on the lens needs adjustment. If the same problem exists with a second lens, the rangefinder in your camera needs adjusting.

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Hi Harris;


I think you refer to a vertical ghost image. You can focus sharp by moving the ghost image horizontally and allign the lower and the upper part. However, you still see a double image. Am I right?


If so, you can still use the M and most likely it focuses correctly. I would refer to this 'defect' as some sort of cosmetics. However, bear in mind that a properly focused M should give only one image. Perhaps you can do it DIY or 65 quids; since you asked perhaps it is wise to send it in.


There are how-tos out there for a DIY approach, though.


- You didn't mention what M you've got.

- I assume if you check the results (on film/print) you'll be satisfied. Let me know.

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Thank you for answers,


I will today have printed some photographs, 30x45cm prints (I can't use slide, nobody here develop it), and will have definite answer. After some more playing and trying it seems I don't have correct eye position on viewfinder.


I will have to be honest, it is not Leica camera in question, It is Voigtlaender Bessa R2A, and Color Skopar 35mm/f2,5 Pacake II lens. They both are M mount.


I asked this question here because: I thought is is general rangefinder camera question, and I know here are many rangefinder users who for sure would know to if not give me precise answer, than give me good direction on what to pay attention.


I know, not Leica, I know, but I thought as my question can be considered as general rangefinder question, and I didn't advertise any company, I thought I can post this question here.


Thank you again for answers.

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Thank you all for answers,


Uwe, I printed photographs yesterday and all are sharp. After playing with camera it seems I have to get used how to properly place my eye on viewfinder. It seems it is my fault, camera is OK, this is my experiment shows...


Best regards.

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