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Panasonic L1 Review at B&H


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If you are on B&H's email distribution list you would have seen an article about the L1. I've pasted in the link below. They will be selling the body (no lens) for US$1995.95. No word about the price of the lens. Expected delivery is this month.


B&H Photo Video Pro Audio - Nikon's D80


Even though that link says the "N" word, it takes you to the L1 article.

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Stuart, thanks for the link. (Gotta' love the the URL name.) Again, I see a reference to the apparently small viewfiner but still interesting reading. It's difficult for me to accept the Panasonic assumption that serious photogrpaghrs are O.K. with using an LCD screen for composition 100% of the time.

I teach broadcast photojournalism and we have a fairly large inventory of broadcast Panasonic video cameras in DV and DVCPro formats. As much as I find them to very useable cameras, Panasonic makes interesting "off mark" choices with these cameras too. External VU meters for example as no longer found on the cameras, only token versions within the actual viewfinder. You have to wonder why.

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Luminous Landscape is a Cannon affiliate. Of course, you would expect them to review only Cannon products favorably.


They don't touch Nikon at all.... huh?


B and H liked the camera. Plus they had some good pictures to boot to show off the colors.

LL, well, they didn't have any pix to show. But that's alrite, I've stopped reading those b*****s a long time ago. :mad:

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No doubt about it, they do worship Canon at LL.


I'm just curious about whether or not the lens is included in the price. According to Stuart, B&H is selling body only for $1995 while LL says the lens is included. Makes a big difference as far as I'm concerned.



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I have not used one yet, but even a dim optical finder will have to be better than the LC-1's EVF, surely. For this kind of camera, I would use the viewfinder only for composition anyway with this kind of camera. I am looking forward to one of these—but I am concerned about the slow write times for Raw (was it 12 seconds?).

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