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Hook Norton - Boiling the Brew


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Thanks for the comments. I was hoping Chris Day might weigh in on this one since he was there at the time and has visited this brewery on several occasions. Must be too busy with one of his groups of visitors to Oxford. It was necessary to break away from the tour group to get most of these. Ron and I probably gave Chris fits! :)


Initially I posted only Ron's picks. This is one of mine for the reason Ray gave. It is also interesting to see which of you liked what.


The brewery IS very dark and quite confined. This shot was made in a doorway. Once again, the 28/2 rules for capture of the light and detail. The M7's meter also did an excellent job.


I have only a couple more of these. Aren't you glad?! :)

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Reporting for duty, Sir, as commanded. Been busy for a few days - this time it was California Supreme Court judges, would you believe! I have to say that compared to them, shepherding you and and the meandering Ron was a doddle. Actually, I survived at the brewery by pretending that you were nothing to do with me.


The comments above are right, of course. There is almost nowhere that allows you to stand precisely where you would like to, and the lighting contrasts can be extreme. This is a super shot that does, as Ray says, capture the spirit (excuse the pun) of the place. I love the sheen of the metal, and the complexity of the metal struts that could be a mess but aren't. It was your examples of the 28mm f2 in operation that persuaded me to get one last year, and I haven't regretted it, though I've yet to use it to such good effect. Did you just leave the metering to the camera? Impressive, if so.


You might only have a couple of brewery shots left to share, but I reckon Ron must have plenty more fascinating images to come, given his wonderfully original vision. Perhaps he'll share them with us when he's finished testing secret weapons!;)


All the best,



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Boy, THAT was quick! :) As I recall, the meter read 1/18th - 1/24, but I instictively raised it a bit, locked 1/30th and re-framed. The light in that window was butal. A shorter exposure might have lost the kettle. As you said, very high contrast.


You can see the 28/2 is one of the best-corrected Leica lenses. Only a bit of the window is blown whereas with most non-Leica lenses, the outline of the window would be blown. I really enjoy the fingerprint of this lens in this kind of light. It has a really soft touch. Nice colors and never harsh.

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Hi William,


Great shot. You are right about the 28/2, it's an amazing tool.

Hope they let you taste some samples! :)


Thanks for sharing.






Don't remind me. Samples would have been relatively endless I expect, but we had a long way to drive. Had a half there and a soft drink for lunch... :( Chris, Ron and I made up for it later over dinner at The Crown in Church Enstone. :rolleyes:

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Very nice composition and light. I like much the colours that are natural and not oversaturated as many other shots I see in this forum.






Many thanks for your kind comment. Much appreciated coming from you. I remember the light in that shot you took in a laundry somewhere in the Med. Would you mind reposting it in this new Forum since we have so many new members? That was stunning. Post it LARGE! :)

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