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Where is Fuji Provia 400x??


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Fuji announced the Fuji Provia 400x at the PMA. But I can't find anywhere to buy it. Have anyone tried it? Where can I buy it? Is it not on sale yet because they haven't sold out of the Provia 400F?



I believe I have seen it at a few pro-labs...but never in a store. I am not even 100% I seen it in a lab... but I am like 95% sure. Very odd though.

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There is a mention of Fuji Provia 400X in the latest Stereoscopic Society Journal within George Themelis' excellent appraisal of the current status of stereo photography. (The article first appeared in Stereogram 11.1 the newsletter of Ohio Stereo Photography Society)

And in the same article Ray Moxom of Sydney Stereo Club is quoted,"When we thought that film was dead, film makers are producing slide films that greatly outperformed anything we have had in the past."

The article continues, 'One example is the new Fujichrome 400X film. The RMS Granularity Value (grain size) of Provia 400X is 11, the same as Kodachrome 25 or standard 100 films, but in a 400 speed film.


The Editor of The Stereoscopic Society Journal adds a footnote stating that the release of Fujichrome 400X has been put back to early 2007 and that he hopes to have a chance to review the film for the Society's Winter Journal.



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I'm picking up an old thread here; where to get hold of the Provia 400X.


There seems to be a problem getting hold of it here in Norway, but I will be going to London next week so I was just wondering if someone could point me to a shop where I could pick up a roll or two...




Carl E

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