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DMR re-assigning file numbers to images


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An intrigueing event! Three days ago I ran one battery flat after 160 images on two 2gb cards. Switched off the camera. Swapped the battery for a charged one - and nothing. Dead! It would not switch on. Got home, and put both batteries onto the charger - the first took a couple of hours to recharge. The second only a couple of minutes. I removed and inserted both batteries a couple of times, used the camera mode wheel to switch on, prressed shutter buttons, pressed the OK/OFF button a few times and eventually it did switch on. I copied the files using firewire, then formatted both cards in the camera.


After a day's shooting next day, when I came to copy the files there were two sub-folders in the DCIM folder, 100LEICA and 101LEICA. Previously there was only 100LEICA. 100LEICA was empty. 101LEICA contained the image files, now numbered consecutively from L1010001. The day before the last image was numbered L1002298. It seems that the camera has decided itself to create a new folder and begin a new numbering system.


I wonder if running the battery flat has caused the camera's computer to crash and its started afresh? The user setting was w/b sunlight, ISO 100, compression RAW. Anyone have any ideas or can shed light on how to prevent it happenning again, or if the old number sequence can be recommenced?


I look forward to your replies.



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