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Capture One is not reading all picture files from 2gb card in DMR


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I have been using a 2gb Extreme 111 card for the past month in my DMR. It holds 99 RAW files. Twice recently after copying a full card onto the computer's hard drive, and seeing them there with Windows Explorer, the first 30 or so files are missing from the Capture One. "work to do list" using the file browser. I've tried copying the picture files to another folder - which appears as if its empty in C1. I use C1 pro v3.7.4. All is not lost - both Adobe CR and Flexcolor read and process the images.


I use the firewire camera - computer link. My Sandisk card reader won't handle the card - it asks if I want to format it!


Anyone come across anything like this before?.


Thanks - Graeme

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I use Capture One Pro (3.7.4) and 2GB Extreme III cards all the time with the DMR. So far, never a problem--in fact, it works really well.


You might be filling up C1's cache if you're always loading the files to the same place. Check in the C1 preferences for where you have your cache, and for how long you're keeping it (C1 caches thumbnails and information about each file while you're working in the work session).


But it sounds to me like you've got some weird issues there--if your card reader won't access the SD card, then it sounds like it's time for a new card reader.


If the new card reader doesn't work, well, then you've got some issues with your system beyond the camera or C1.

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Guest guy_mancuso

Sounds like a card reader . are you on a Mac which i have heard some issues with Macs and card readers. i am using a little Lexar USB 2.0 SD card reader the size of a thumb drive that works great

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