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In praise of the Mandler lenses


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Excellent review.   I have been lucky in my Leica ownership. I now find myself with a fantastic Monochrom camera and a decent selection of glass that is apparently Mandler strong.   35 cron v4 50 cron v4 75 lux v2 Canada (my all time favourite lens bar none) 90 tele-elmarit Thin   I consider this a wonderful collection and I really enjoy the results I have been getting.   The included photo is a snap in natural light at ISO2000 with the 50 cron direct from camera only resized for uplo


Next up is the "version III" 28mm Elmarit. It has a touch more macro contrast than the 21, but quite a bit less than the 28 Summicron ASPH. Frankly, while I can appreciate the qualities of the 'cron, especially in a 28mm f/2 lens - I have tried it 3 times and always gone back to this Elmarit, because the 'cron is just too red and harsh (IMHO) to achieve the pictures I want.   The Elmarit (III) does have slightly less smooth bokeh, although fairly neutral. It is also the largest of the M 28s, a


I love the lenses designed by Walter Mandler at E. Leitz Canada, and especially the M-lenses that I discuss below. I just want to bring them to the attention of all Leica shooters, because I think there is a place for their distinctive familial properties in the world of pricey ASPH and APO lenses (not that those are not equally distinctive in their own ways).   LCT, I believe, is working on an essay about Walter Mandler, so I'll just briefly describe his place in Leica lens design. Mandler wa

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This is my all time favourite thread on here.

I have 2 mandler lenses ,the 90mm tele-elmarit thin and the 28mm elmarit version 2 as well as the rough copy of a mandler lens the voigtlander 40mm f1.4 sc .

My next lens will be a mint copy with a hood 28mm elmarit f2.8 version 2  which i love very much.

I live in the 6th largest city in the uk ,bristol [620,000] which has many beautiful green woodland areas and parks/gardens as well as lovely counties in the area like somerset,wiltshire and gloucesershire as well as south wales  and the greens that the 28mm version 2 reproduces or interprets are simply sensational as is the overall rendition of images of people especially my grand children.

I sold my summarit 35mm/50mm and zeiss 35mm f1.4 because my eyes/brain prefer the mandler designs so much more.


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Both images are from Summicron 50mm f2 ver.3 / Leica m240


I'm just in love with gentle colour transmissions and sublime bokeh.

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With another price increase around the corner in the midst progressively astronomic prices for modern Leica glass, the magic and mystique of Mandler glass has found me. And only now have I had the chance to peruse this thread in its entirety, so no one to blame really but myself!

In addition to this thread maintaining relevance for 14 yrs and counting, the civil discourse that has prevailed deserves equal kudos in light of the combativeness that has metastasized throughout LUF since the M11 was released.

@adanthanks for elevating my excitement as I await the delivery of my 28mm Elmarit v3.

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