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Clipper PAA at the Smithsonian


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I was in the DC area a week ago with a couple hours before my flight out of Dulles so I had my first chance to visit the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. It was a great time, but as you will see the entire museum was VERY dark.


This was taken with the CM and Kodak Portra 400NC. I don't remember the apperature / shutter combo exactly but almost everything was around 2.4-2.8 and 1/30-1/60 in order to get the shot. The 40mm lens worked fairly well. However, interesting angles and perspective for composition were difficult due to restricted movement and a lot of people.


Please comment on which version you like better. The first is as I saw it. The second is brightened significantly by a change in white point.

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Prefer the original. That thing is bright enough! :) Did you ask them to pay their light bill???!!! What a cave. Based on my own brief visit, a 35 and a 50 or 75 would work best at NASM. There was just too much clutter for my 28/2 to be very successful.


If you are going to be there again, take your MP3. :)

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Louis & Allan,


Thanks for looking. I also like the feeling of the first one which is exactly what I saw. Yes, I really was wishing that I had not left the M at home. Both the 35 Lux ASPH and 50 Lux ASPH would have served me well there.





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