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Steve -


It didn't take you long at all to master the art of developing Tri-X in a bathroom. Very nice series, as crip and tonal as your "less fortunate" series. I hope you cleaned up the bathroom, and left not stains in the sink.

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Thanks! I like #1 myself. As for stains in the bathroom, yep, they were all over the counter but I cleaned up :) Thanks for the comments, the 15mm lens is a pretty fun lens that can be pretty sharp, and for the $$ it's a great buy. Anyway, I'm having a blast with the M7 AND film. Glad I made the move FROM digital.

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Thanks everyone for the comments! I had fun shooting these and today tried my hand at printing in the darkroom with an enlarger. Prints are a bit dull compared to my home ink jet prints, but I'm sure its my technique. Will try again Thursday. Thanks again!



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