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Guest carolina

Christophe and Wilfredo thanks for looking and commenting. Chritophe I like symmetry eventhough as you say it's not difficult to do in PS. Wilfredo the first two images are multiple exposures- twelve exposures one one piece of film. I usually shoot with velvia 100asa and for these pictures taken with the R3 and 15mm lens I metered with the asa momentarily set at 800 and then overexposed by 4 images (1\2 a stop) as the meter usually underexposes a touch with the 15mm. I rotated the camera between each exposure. I did about 6 of these and only two had (for me) enough sense of order. I've had a feeling( a set of indistinct images in my imagination) that I wanted to convey about -summer, carefree, childhood- but I was not successfull this time. Will probably try it again next summer. Carolina

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That's a pretty creative use of technique. Knowing what inspired your images helps me to appreciate them even more. The second image remains my favorite and I do think it conveys some of what you are wanting to express. Thinking about my own care free childhood summers, I can relate to the images.




Benitez-Rivera Photography

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