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Leica Minilux


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The shutter assembly needs replacing by Leica. Unfortunately, it's a repair which costs about the same as buying a mint used Minilux.


E02 is a common enough issue with these cameras that it must be considered a design fault. In my opinion, Leica should have the good grace to fix the problem free of charge.

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Thanks for your help. I think rather than fix the Minilux I'll just buy a CM.



I agree with what Wattsy said. This problem should be considered a design fault and should be repaired free of charge!! My wife has had the minilux for many years and we were lucky enough (touch wood) that the EO2 erroror did not show. Should it happen, I am sure that I will not replace it with a Leica p+s product, even though I am happy with my M equipment.


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I had 2 miniluxes with this problem.

One was fixed. The other we didn't fix becasue I walked into a minilux zoom for the price of the repair of the minilux.

I also have the CM now. The CM is a much better camera than the minilux and has a different shutter. But the CM has the battery flaw. It just doesn't can't decide if a battery is full or not. Annoying but at least the camera still takes pictures.




Michiel Fokkema

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I've had the E02 error and I opted to have it fixed. As someone said that's the price of a 'new' mint Minilux...but what if it's shutter craps out in a month. At least with a fix you know you have a good shutter.

Though in reality there is enough better things about the CM that I traded the Minilux for a CM about 6 months ago...my bottom line advice...get the CM.


But an aside...the whole argument of whether Leica should fix it free. In reality (I work in the industry) only about 10% of Minilux shutters will fail. The reason it seems higher is that someone spending $1000 on a camera is far more likely to complain than someone buying the average $250 P&S.

Or look at it this way. A much higher percentage of early Canon DSLR's (D60, 10D, 20D) had back focus issues. At least Leica admits there is a problem...Canon still tells the end user (oft-times a working pro) that they just don't know how to focus their cameras.

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Worth a call to Leica before chucking it in the bin.


Depending how old the camera is they may even be legally obliged to repair it (even if its outside of the warranty, goods have to be of adequate quality, and last a reasonable amount of time no matter what the actual warranty is, well in UK law at least). Only issue here is that you bought it secondhand so you may not have original receipts etc.

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Hi Jul , sorry to hear about your Minlux problem. we have one too and it failed since I live in Australia repair is out of the question. Shipping costs plus repair are prohibitive. I have since replaced the camera with a CM so far this one is producing excellent results, I have not come across the batterie problem . Something I would like to know is the CM actually made in Germany , printed info on the bottom says made in Germany. If anyone knows please advise.The best improvement is the viewfinder now much larger and very clear also flash power is better and if you need mount a larger flash.

we shoot mostly 100 as conditions outside are bright enough , but indoors with flash the Minlux was a problem always setting the lens to f2.4. The camera is very quiet and feels great in your hand.All in all this is a decent tool giving you the possiblity taking photos as you whish

all controls can be manipulatet and certainly the finest lens on any pocket camera.

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The lens though is a Leica design from the ground up. Koelsch himself did it, allegedly as an exercise in just how good you could make a relatively conventional, classical design (6 element Double Gauss that is). Despite all its limitations, that is the jewel in the Minilux, which is of course why it was left unaltered (apart from better multicoating) in the CM.

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