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Dan States

A new Noctilux is needed (deserved)

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Hmmm. my noctilux (new) is spot in for focusing and the vignetting (3 stops) is exactly what the specs say.


Why would they produce a new lens unless it was much cheaper and the same high quality?


Because they are running out of parts to produce for the current Nocti. What I learned is that they had pre produced parts for a certain number of lenses and these are coming to the end.


Obviously it is cheaper (more economic) for Leica to make now a new design, which maybe lets them produce an equal or better quality Nocti for less money, so they could sell it cheaper and still earn more revenue per lens.


We should not forget that 40 years of optical design have given us today much more advanced possibilities than we see incarnated in the current Nocti.


Also I love my Nocti, I am looking forward to the new one :-))

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Very fast: Here are two samples of the side-by-side 'test' (well...) I have done with the Noctilux on M8 and the 50 mm 1,0L on the 1Ds II. Camera tunning is different on both - so they arn't all that fair, but just might give a general impression. I will try to come back to a more just and thorough test. If anyone is interested.


The first one is the Canon file. ISO 400, aparture 2,0 and exposure 1/24 - hand held, auto white balance.


The second is the Leica M8/Noctilux file. ISO 320, aparture (possibly 2,0 - I forgot), exposure 1/23 - hand held, WB 'tungsten' (although exif does not say).



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i have the latest noctilux and am very pleased. i am printing pictures 60*40 cm taken with f/1.0 and am very astonished and pleased with the result. sharp! the 1.4/35 asph is of course sharper, but i never thought f/1 is good enough for big prints







the last foto shows some blue light at the edges, thus knowing it is not a asph.lens :-), even though these lenses render this effects as well. all done in c1, sharpening at 30. first image 100%





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Some shots at f1 taken yesterday:







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