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FOTOS + Lightroom integration

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There’s a little Lr icon in FOTOS under each photo.  In a single photo view you can click it and it brings you into Lightroom with the photo eventually imported in Imports.  If you select a few photos in thumbnail view you can click the Lr icon under the grid and it will import the set, same way — switching to Lightroom.

One issue with this is the small preview size of the background transfers that I’m beta-testing.  That works like a charm and is probably supposed to compete with Pixii, but the question is deduplication after the originals are imported later via an ingestion workflow.  My regular process is to ingest on a Mac, with redundant storage of the originals, and upload to the CC.  I have no duplicates set by default.  That will probably ingest all the originals anyways as they were not pulled down from the cloud onto the desktop.

What do you guys think about it and how do you work FOTOS with Lightroom?

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Sorry, maybe it's my bad English, maybe it's my lack of experience with cloud solutions: Unfortunately I don't understand your current workflow, but I would be very interested in a good Lightroom integration into the Photos app or a simple import into Lightroom. I've also spoken to Leica people about this several times and they are also following the topic closely.

In my opinion, there should be a way to import the photos directly into Lightroom. This will probably only be possible wirelessly via the Leica app. Direct import via cable would be possible if the camera was recognised as a hard drive (which is unfortunately not the case with the M11). The problem with importing via the Leica app is that you have a duplicate data set. This is because the Leica app saves the photos in the Apple Photos app and Lightroom transfers them to the cloud. If you use the background transfer, there is another version, a JPG with a lower resolution, but with a different name. All in all, this can lead to confusion. It should be simpler.

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