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After some 45 or so years of lusting, I am finally getting my first Leica in a few days, a like new M10-R. It's been paid for, just waiting for US Customs and DHL to let me get my hands on it. Psyched is an understatement. I've also ordered a Color-Skopar 28mm, and an adapter to use my Nikon F glass (some going back to the 70s). I'll need to start putting money aside for some Leitz lenses.

Been taking pictures since 1966 (aged 13), and have a variety of cameras from Nikon Z series to Nikkormat to Kiev 4A and more (see profile for full list).

Only been here a couple of days and I'm already blown away by the knowledge and skills here. Y'all (or Yinz if you're from the 'Burgh) really set the bar high!

Anyway, all the best to you!

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Welcome to the Leica club. If I had an M (Q2 owner here), the M10R is the one I would go for. Enjoy it and look forward to seeing some Leica shots. There is a lot of experience in these walls, if you want or need assistance.

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