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Question on Leica S007 Added to Presets in LR Classic

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I saw a video from Leica store in Miami, FL. Josh highly recommends using the Leica S007 presets in the Preference Menu
Assign all the Cameras you use in the Default setting and this way the Color profile will match the Camera thats selected
Will this help in my Post processing? This way the Images that imported will all come over at the same time with the selected Camera. Just trying to improve my Editing. Mainly I do Portraits so I dont know if this will help me with the work I do. I think this is more of value for landscapes. Thank you


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Which presets are you referring to? I am sorry, it is not very clear to me from your text. Are you talking about color profiles (Adobe Color, Adobe Standard, Adobe Landscape etc), or about actual presets, which adjust all the development settings and can have strong effects?

If it is the first, I would select Adobe Standard in most cases over Adobe Color. It is more neutral and a better starting point. Adobe Neutral tends to be very flat (which can be fine, but the most "natural" profile is usually Adobe Standard. Adobe Color is their own starting point, and has a stronger curve baked in.

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