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recurring mark on MP negatives

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Long shot, but wondering if anyone has seen this mark before (see near top right corner).   I thought this might be a hair or dust  but I've had a good blow around of camera and lens , but still appears on negs.  in fact previously it was only one 'loop' pattern, but now is 2 side by side.

It's on most negs but not all . 

Just wondering if it's possibly something sticking mechanically or whether I simply need to go a bit harder with the blower and a lupe ! 

Cheers :D

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Maybe a loose / frayed thread on one of the shutter curtain ribbons? It would be at the bottom left on the opening curtain. Remove the lens, set shutter on B and examine that area while holding the release down so the shutter stays open. If a frayed/damaged ribbon rather than a loose thread I'd have the camera serviced.

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6 hours ago, M.RB said:

Could be a bit of felt from a film canister trapped around the film gate, especially bulk loaded/reuseable canisters. 

Thankyou.    Well it seems I was in luck - putting camera in bulb mode as suggested here , I was able to see the offending lint/felt and blow it away.   It was indeed right at the end of a shutter ribbon though so I thought it was frayed curtain until it blew away. 

in my impatience I blew it right into the camera, but never mind !

thanks everybody 

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