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Card memory and internal storage thoughts?

Dr Cron

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Question for M11/M11-P users (notwithstanding any remaining issues with cards and firmware issues):
As a predominantly film shooter and with MP/M3, with aging Nikon DSLR now mainly relegated to film digitization, but also toying with the possibility of taking full advantage of my investment in the M system to complement my film output with digital, I'm wondering how people do actually use the combination of internal storage and SD cards in real life?  
What would replicate the film-user experience most directly, including the advantage (which is an advantage) of not always having the photographs instantaneously available?  I'm happy to invest in a pile of SD cards as 'negatives' backups alongside HD for instance; one of the things that does continually put me off digital cameras is the propensity simply to fill up cards with rubbish photos!!  Shot discipline often simply goes out of the window.

Options might include: always setting to IN=SD and using an SD card (whether once or multiple times), or simply not using an SD card at all and downloading to an SD card when ready, and then archiving a given card.  How often? Monthly, or fortnightly, for instance?  Does anyone actually work like this?  Built-in redundancy comes in many forms, of course.

Many thanks!

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My answer, years ago when I made the primary shooting switch to digital, was to download the files to my computer's hard disk, then delete them from the camera. Over time, though, I've found  that I often keep some on the camera to remind me of certain things. The same goes for my Iphone's photos. I fail to see the issues the op describes.

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The discipline you have from film is very likely to carry over to digital. I very rarely shoot more than 70-ish pictures each time I go out, often much fewer.  A bit more than two rolls of film. I download them to my computer when I get back and then format the SD card in camera so it’s blank and ready for more pictures. I’ve never left pictures on the card after I’ve downloaded them to the computer. I only have one SD card although if was travelling I would probably buy another one as a backup. 

I have the camera set to use IN as overflow storage once the SD card is full. Needless to say, I’ve never used it. If I was travelling to somewhere I thought I’d never be able to visit again, I might change to saving medium JPEG on the internal storage and DNG on the SD card

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The "IN" is faster than the SD. Some use it only and not an SD card. I like redundancy so IN=SD for me. I always download my RAWS to an external drive. At home I have a RAID drive for RAWS and also another RAID drive for processed. On the road I also download RAWS to a small external drive and then once home off load those files to my main at home RAW RAID drive.

I use folders by location and under that folder I use sub-folders set up by camera used at that location. Yes I have and use many various cameras.

I do not erase files in camera, but from time to time format my SD cards in camera.

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