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I have been trying to do closeup work with my M10 & M10R.  I have all the old viso flexes and associated lenses, however I want to use modern lenses but the required equipment is never in stock.  Digging through some old stuff I found series 6 elpros a & b  and 55 mm a & b for 90 and 135 lenses.  Ser 6 are for 65 mm lenses and original 50 2.0  for R cameras.  More digging produced a 39 mm to ser 6 adapter so now ser 6 elpros fit the 50 Summicron APO  55 Elpros fit the 90 2/0 APO.  

More digging produced a ser 6 pola by leica. The old swing out on from 1985 will not go on the 50 APO because selfcontained slide out shade blocks the attachment location.  No longer will  need to carry two  50 mm lenses,    I also found a 55 mm pola filter for 90 APO.

I tested all this equipment and it works well as originally intended.  39 mm to ser 6 can not be found.  Perhaps you can make one. There was a man in Rhode Island who made parts for large format.   All this is saving me $1000+.

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