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S3 auto ISO

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I’ve searched the forums and reread the manual, but I’m still encountering an issue. I typically shoot with auto ISO while manually selecting the shutter speed and aperture. However, I’ve noticed that the camera sometimes favors underexposing by about one stop in this scenario. This underexposure persists as I adjust either the shutter speed or aperture, even though I don’t have exposure compensation enabled. Initially, the exposure meter is centered, but as I increase the shutter speed, the ISO rises without maintaining a balanced exposure, always resulting in underexposure. Interestingly, when I switch to aperture priority or shutter priority mode, auto ISO adjusts correctly, keeping the exposure centered. Any thoughts, experiences, or did I miss something in the manual?

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2 hours ago, Pieter12 said:

I have read the S3 typically underexposes in auto modes, presumable to preserve highlights. With RAW files, the images are easily recoverable.

Thanks. Why only in M though? At least I’m aware of it and know how to avoid it. 

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