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Q2 flash sync at start or end of exposure

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When should one set flash to sync at the start of exposure vs end of exposure? Also, if using manual flash does your answer change? Thanks for your time. The manual just says usually to set it at start of exposure.

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It depends on what picture you want to capture. If it's a static subject and you want to add light then flash at the start of the exposure (front curtain sync) is fine. If you are photographing moving subjects with slower shutter speeds then you can use flash at either the start or end of the exposure (front curtain or rear curtain sync) to achieve different looks.

Lots of video tutorials out there, so here's one I picked at random to show the effects you can achieve:


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Excellent, thanks for the great reply. For those of us who used film for most of our lives (the old people) they should have just called it front sync and rear sync!

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