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Can Leica S007 be adapted to M lenses?


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Your best bet is the SL system. That is the closest equivalent. There are many adapters you can buy, including from Leica and Voigtlander. It is impossible with the S because of the mirror. As you might have noticed, when you focus a lens closer, the elements move further away from the camera. So if you think about the thickness of the M body compared to the S body, you can see that you are pushing the lens further away from the sensor. That is effectively making it focus closer and closer. The distance from the lens mount to the sensor/film is called the flange to focal point distance.  As a rule, if you want to be able to focus to infinity, you can only adapt lenses made for cameras with a flange to focal point distance that is larger than the camera you want to use it on. Modern mirrorless cameras like the SL do not need to fit a mirror in between the lens and the camera, so they have a small flange to focal point distance. This is why you can use all kinds of old lenses on the SL, GFX or Sony A series cameras. But the S was designed as a medium format SLR with a large mirror, so the only lenses that will work on it are its own or lenses made for even larger systems, like the Hasselblad V, Pentax 6x7, Contax 645 and so on.

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