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Q2 automatic effects applied on JPEG

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Hi everyone, I got a Q2 recently and usually I just shoot in raw but sometimes the jpegs can be quite beautiful. How can I get these same adjustments to my raw images? They don’t quite look the same. 

I’m editing my photos on Pixelmator Pro for Mac. Thanks

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To do so you would need to retroengineer the settings Leica incorporated in the camera, probably based on Photoshop, so they have applied  Photoshop/Lightroom algorithms. 

The best way to do so is to take a technically perfect image of a general subject that matches your type of photography, DNG +JPG, and take your time, be it hours or days, to match the raw conversion as closely as possible to your JPG and then save the setting as default - if that is possible in Pixelmator. (I don't know, it is the first time that I came across a question regarding that program)

I would suggest however that you shoot DNG+JPG always and process your raws to look better to your taste than the JPGs, and in the case that you like a JPG better just to use it.
There is no advantage in using the raw then, as your output will be a JPG conversion anyway. 
The advantage of using raw is that you have far more data to work with for your own editing. You don't need that if you only pass on a pre-cooked JPG  to your screen or printer.

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