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Sl2 Sl2-s Firmware Update in 2024 ?


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Why is there no back button focus P? I have both these cameras working with back button focus, using the toggle switch.

I didnt update yet but cant imagine why they would eliminate a way to rig such an essential tool for focussing? 



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Back button focus works on the latest firmware. Are you referring to the ability to zoom in when manually focusing with the joystick? I do this by using a 3rd party adapter and not the official one but would prefer to be able to use the Leica 6 bit coded one if they release a firmware update to include it again. 

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I am using a lot of different lenses and only the „Leica“ lenses are working with the back button focus since the last (6.0) . 
that’s the problem. The failure is visible to some people but not all. 
very sneaky. 😏 

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Posted (edited)

I’m using Back Button Focusing and it works with my Sigma lenses as well as the Leica ones.

should have mentioned this is with the SL2.

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