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Ice water with a lemon wheel


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, tritentrue said:

Louis, you always get the most interesting expressions from your subjects.  I think this one even tops "Rebecca" (from a couple of years ago).  But don't tell Rebecca I said that! 😎

Rob, thank you so much. I think it is because I look weird! … They take me from an alien coming from God knows where! And I suppose some of them feel sorry for me!…  🥴 😉

Edited by Louis
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9 hours ago, Lelmer said:

The lemon wheel is fascinating, Louis. I understand it has immediately drawn your attention 🙂

Dear Alain, it was hot and I was very thirsty! 😉

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3 hours ago, bcorton said:

Are we sure that’s not a lime wheel?  Sorry, but I had to ask. Very nice photo.

Very possible. I said lemon because I like it better with lemon! 😉

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