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Strange colored line/streak across one image...


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Using an M10-R with Elmarit-M 24 f2.8, I was surprised to see a weird horizontal line of colored/red pixels in only one of my photos (out of 40-50 taken at the same time) ... They look like hot pixels but it only happened once since I purchased the camera/lens and I already made several hundred photos without any issues. Any idea what could have caused it? could be it the beginning of a hardware issue?


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Test the camera at every ISO. If it comes up at a certain ISO it could be pixel mapping issue or the start of a sensor problem. I don't think an SD card would cause this issue. I've put thousands of photos through my M10R in 3 years with sandisk cards and never seen this. 

I had an M10 and I had a line issue at iso 100 and 200. Also occasionally photos would have a black spot on them that looked like a tear or a rip. Hard to describe. Leica said it was a "sensor board issue". It was a used camera I bought. Sold it. Never bought a used Leica anything again. 

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