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Photoshop Elements, nothing more for me

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1 hour ago, hansvons said:

My Mac machine for everything is a MacBook Pro M1 16" with 64 RAM, a brilliant beast. Can't get any better.

MacBook M1 Max  14" with 32 Ram here and am also very happy with it.

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3 hours ago, 250swb said:

But is seems like nearly every computer and software problem reported here is a Mac problem whether its about versions, updates, upgrades, new/old software not working, etc.?

Backwards compatibility hardly seems to be a consideration in the Mac world. You can still run 20 year old 32 bit software on 64 bit Windows 11, a period in which the Mac has moved from PowerPC (already their second architecture after 68k, both long defunct) to 32 bit Intel (no longer supported) to 64 bit intel (on life support) to ARM. And even what seem like minor OS upgrades tend to stop things working. The answer, I suppose, is to have subscriptions for everything and change your hardware when it's left behind, which suits both Apple and companies like Adobe very well.

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4 hours ago, jaapv said:

Judging by other computer threads, like “ what to buy” “ how much memory “ and postprocessing threads, the vast majority of forum members appears to be  Mac users, so it is hardly surprising that the problem threads show the same trend. 

That claim needs a Poll to sort out. 

I think the world has moved on and the advantages or the Mac are long gone, just as the 'King of Bokeh' shone for a brief moment until people cottoned on. People now use their PC for many more things than photography and a machine biased towards the creative community isn't needed anymore unless its in an office working with other people on similar machines. It's true that once you develop a personal loyalty and know your way around a PC it's worth sticking with, but I've seen my photos on both a Mac and a Dell and they look exactly the same to me.

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it is not about the quality of the systems which appears to be equal but about a personal preference which is not worth discussing. 

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Posted (edited)

I think (maybe even "know") that the absolutely dominant part (without any important competition) of getting see-worthy pictures done, is to develop oneself.
Not at all the gear or the post-processing methods, workflow or choice of what to buy or use.
Discussions around what lenses to bring for a trip to wherever, or if there is more or "uglier" noise-grain at 6400 on the "Leica M-this" than "Leica M-that", the corner-sharpness-comparison between "Summilux 50-this" or "Summilux 50-that" or such things, has nearly nothing to do with the photographers ability to be open-minded to see potential things to make images of.
If the gear or even the post-processing-work do not interfere by means of any distraction issues, it is good enough. Good enough to just stay away from the creativity of the person behind it all. The one who thinks i.e. 🙂

I think - even know, when referring to myself - that those above exemplified and peripheral aspects are getting much closer to the all important center of it all, when there's not so very much creativity going on in ones brain and mind.
Those aspects then tend to more or less dominate the whole process, which for getting a really see-worthy image is mainly all about intellectual one. 

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