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Leica Q3 shutter button broke

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Just as the title says my Leica Q3 roughly about a month ago started having some issues with the shutter button.  I couldn’t quite figure it out and frankly thought I was nuts as I jump around between the Q3, my Sony A7RV, and Ricoh GRIII.  The button just felt a bit soft, I put on a Leica soft release shutter button but still didn’t feel right so i took it off and kept shooting.   Wednesday night I went out to shoot (trying to take a photo a day for the whole year) and the button was way off, it wouldn’t allow a half press.   Pressing the button would just focus and shoot.   I’m lucky to have a Leica store near me in LA so I stopped in and asked if I could check out another Q3 and it was immediately apparent that my button was broken.  The rep at the store noticed it immediately and said we should send it in for repair.    So I’m hoping Leica in NJ receives the camera this week and I get it back soon.   I got a call from a rep in NJ because this is the first they have heard of a shutter button having this issue with the Q3.   I was told to expect to be without the camera for 6-ish weeks but could be longer depending on the repair.   I know this is a very first world problem but I’m missing my camera a ton as I take it everywhere with me everyday.    Leica said that once the camera gets checked in I would get a call and if a loaner is available they would send one.

Has anyone else had any random weird issues with their cameras shutter button?  This is my first Leica that I bought new (owned a Q2 but bought it used) so I’m def bummed its in the shop already.

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