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Digging Out & Having Fun

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A woman cleans snow from her car after digging it out. This is just down the street from my house. One block away cross country skiers took advantage of the lack of traffic.

M10M/Nokton 50mm f1.2 

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20 hours ago, HandofSand said:

This is Madison, WI? Cozy scenes. The skiers no doubt were ready to hit the road.

This is Madison. I've done my share of skiing in the road like this. It's great when there's not a car moving anywhere in the area. 

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21 hours ago, stuny said:

Very nice.  Since downsizing, and moving to where this sort of stuff is handled for you, I don't miss it.

We have one major roadblock to moving into a condo or apartment. This neighborhood is too good to leave and our neighbors have become our best friends. 

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