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SL2 Folders


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Does anyone have experience creating and navigating through different storage folders in the Leica SL2?  I'm unable to figure this one out.  I'm a photojournalist using the SL2 and switching between folders is helpful when photographing different events or people during the course of a day; this is most helpful when creating HOT CODES in Photo Mechanic for quick metadata ingesting.  Thanks. 

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You can not. 


Leica is the only brand that does not have this feature. I also work professionally and the solution is to go camera settings and reset image numbering. That creates a new folder. But you cannot go back or change directories. With custom profiles you can also do some tricks but it is what it is. I have send many request about this (and others too) to Leica. This and voice memo are some items that is a must but are missing that has been around like 20 years in Canons.

And with user profiles you can change file naming within each profile and so you can use hot codes if you like. I dont use these so I cannot say if it works, I have another workflow but Photo Mechanic is well known. 

So something like this maybe: Hockey game = HO1234.jpg->HO=home team name... 

I'm not sure if this is what you are after but it's the only thing there is with Leica.

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