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50mm lens - Planar or Summicron Rigid V2 / V4 or any other candidate?


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I started with a 35mm Summicron v4 attached to my M6, then added a 50mm v4. However, I eventually sold everything and transitioned to an M3 with a 50mm Sonnar. The journey continued, and now, as I focus primarily on shooting indoor documentary family photos, the 35mm has become my preferred focal length. Yet, I've found myself missing the experience of shooting with a 50mm lens, especially when I'm outdoors and prefer to maintain some distance from my subjects.

Consequently, I am contemplating acquiring a budget-friendly 50mm lens. While I appreciated the Sonnar, the focus shift and the minimum focus distance of 0.9m are aspects I'd like to avoid in my main 50mm lens, or everyday lens.

I particularly enjoyed the Summicron v4 due to its focus tab, finding it to be quick and efficient for focusing. Although I haven't had the chance to try the Rigid v2, I am drawn to its design. Admittedly, it might seem trivial, but I believe it would complement my chrome MP beautifully.

Additionally, I am considering the Planar (in chrome) as a strong contender for the role of my everyday 50mm lens.

Your experiences with those lenses could really help me figure out my decision.

I lean more towards vintage lenses rather than razor-sharp, contrasty images. I shoot film, mainly in black and white. I actually sold my 35 FLE because it felt too perfect for my taste. Right now, I'm really enjoying the Nokton 35 1.4 vII, and I've been considering moving to a pre-asph lux someday. Just thought I'd share that info to help with the decision for the 50mm focal length.





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If you want to split hairs, there are actually two slightly different versions of the Rigid: the most visible cosmetic difference is the thinner focus ring of the earlier version. Although the optical formula is in principle the same, I find that the later version renders a bit more modern, possibly due to different coatings. Not a huge difference, but noticeable upon close inspection, esp. in the corners.

As for the Planar, it's definitely one of the sharpest/highest-contrast lenses I own. Too much for my taste in most circumstances - at least on digital.

The Rigid is a great choice, but if your 50mm doesn't need to be in native M mount and you are happy to use an LTM->M adapter ring, there are dozens of other vintage options available.

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