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Help needed with huge repair bill under warranty


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Yes. Leica did the right thing here. It’s your responsibility to check things yourself when they arrive. I’ve read a few posts like this where people got things from Leica and they just put it in a closet for a few years and then tried to come back to them and say it’s not right. There’s really nothing Leica can do at that point. 

you get the camera back from a sensor replacement the first thing you do when you get it back is to check it thoroughly yourself. 

it’s also another example why a Leica M camera isn’t the system for professional work. You need a huge manufacturer that mass produces cameras and can repair them anywhere. Look to Sony, Nikon, Canon for that sort of thing. 

too bad you weren’t lured by the classic perfection of the Leica M10R. You’d still be using it happily. 

if I bought a new camera and it had a sensor issue I would demand a new one or my money back. 

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