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Leica R4 viewfinder shutter speed display not working


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The shutter speed display in the viewfinder does not work on my Leica R4. 
I removed the cover and found that the wire connection between the display and the shutter wheel is broken. 
Does anyone have any idea how to properly connect the shutter speed indicator wire to the shutter wheel? 
The problem is also the exact adjustment of the length so that the display matches the shutter wheel.

Thanks for any help

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In this german Post are two Images, that show all Parts of a R4:

This is the only source of repair Information for a R4/5 that I have found so fahr. There are no repair manuals for R models on various manual websites. But there are repair manuals für Minolta cameras that share the same Parts. According to Wikipedia the R4 is based on the Minolta XD7.



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HI David! Yes, the Leica R4 body is based on the Minolta XD. Many things are different (electronic, mirror mechanic, etc.), but, good for you, the mechanic for the "speed indicator scale" via a tungsten wire in the finder is the same. Here you might indeed can have a look on the Minolta XD Service Manual. Have a look here: Minolta XD-7 (XD11 IN USA) Repair Manual | PDF | Aperture | Shutter Speed (scribd.com) 

Good luck!



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